Ever since I was a child, I´ve experienced the forrest as my sanctuary. At first as a playground, where only my imagination could set the limits. When I got older it was more like a peaceful place, and I always found myself more energized after a visit there. I could just wander around and observe the animals, enjoy the birds chirping or on the contrary - just enjoy the silence. Eventually for some reason, my visits in the woods declined. But over time, also did the levels of my energy...


It took a while for me to realize that. So when I actively decided to start getting out there again, my interest in photography developed. I wanted to mediate what I experienced out there - the silence, peacefulness and harmony. Sunrise, with it´s golden light has come to be my favourite moment in my nature photography.


I have also discovered that being creative with the camera, is extremely important for my wellbeing. Discovering motives and angles gives me a kick. 

My photography develops continuously and motives can now be found anywhere, not just in the forrest.